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Sankalpa Siddhi was a very different and interesting course. It really provided great insights into the process of achieving better focus, and reducing the impact of distractions. It has changed our way to approach life in a very positive way, both professionally and personally. Mr.Suresh Padmanabhan's way of presenting is excellent and participants very quickly become immersed in the sessions. I'd recommend this course to anyone; I found it fantastic.
Posted By: Raghavendra
Chartered Accountant, Bangalore
I was introduced to Sankalpa Siddi workshop 3 years back. I still remember the beautiful and energetic essence of the workshop. I learnt lots of things from this workshop like laws of manifestation, giving and receiving, importance of clarity and awareness, etc. This workshop is different because here you don't learn from a lecture but you learn from an experience that is out of this world. A lot my desires have come true because of this workshop. If you want to prosper in all spheres of life then this workshop is a must.
Posted By: Abdul Subhan
9th Std, Oxford English School, Bangalore
The greatest gift I gave to my family is Sankalpa Siddhi.
Posted By: Venkatramvasi Mohanvasi
Sankalpa Siddhi is one of the great workshop which did change my perception of life. It taught us that Manifestation began in our thoughts & belief, affirmation, visualisation followed by gratitude bring it to realms of reality.
We also learnt the powerful techniques to alter negative feeling and get into the tranquil state which favours Manifestation.The most important lesson is that universe has abundant for everyone ,it is we,who restrict ourselves.
I wish this workshop continue to impart this secret and keep up the good work.
Posted By: Amit Mahajan
Defence, Pune
Thank you for conducting such a great event. I surely got what I have been attracting.... clarity. Thank you Suresh Ji, Sandeep Ji and dear friend Devashish.

I love you Suresh Ji for Changing the way I look, feel, and enjoy my life. Thank you.
Posted By: Ankur Agarwal
My family consisting of 4 members(myself, my wife and 2 sons) first encountered our association with Money workshop in 2012. The initial participation though was very reluctant from my side, the benefits derived out of the Money workshop was abundant. Subsequent to our participation in the workshop the mindset and approach to life of our family is very positive. My elder son has attended the money workshop twice.
Our association with the Money workshop family naturally drifted us to be part of the other valuable workshop called Sankalpasiddhi. My family attended Sankalpasiddh workshop also in July 2012.
Though Sankalpasiddhi workshop is a one day event, the message/learning alters the perception of approaching life. As the word Sankalpa siddhi implies " whatever the desire Sankalpa), when you believe it, it becomes (siddhi). This basic Phenomenon of the workshop has fulfilled many of the desires into reality.
Its a course which every one of all age should attend and benefit.
We as an entire family cherish the association of
Mr. Suresh Padmanabhan and Mr. Jameel even today
Posted By: Sampath and Family
It was awesome experiencs of learing from The Suresh Sir, Plz do replan to visit Delhi along with The Money Workshop & Sankalpasiddhi Return !!!
Posted By: Pravin Gupta
Thanks you universe for aligning myself with Suresh Padmanabhan Ji ( THE MASTER OF SECRETS). Sankalpa Siddhi was a treat to soul and I can feel it. Lots of techniques and higher intelligence was given to us.

For an External eye this workshop looks to be a course that helps us to fullfill our materialistic desires. But actually it's more of inner engineering and evolution of soul and at the end of it you can conclude that there is no differentiation between materialistic and spirituality- they are two faces of a single coin.

As promised it was full of experience rather than theory. My sicere thanks to S.h.Jameel and Padmanabhan Ravindran for organizing this wonderful event at Bengaluru. Thank you Suresh Ji you are the live example of abundant universe....vast and great.
Posted By: Amrithraj Kannanth
Most wonderful experience, Thanks u, Thank u and Thanks u. I Wish everyone on this earth gets the opportunity to attend suresh sir's workshop.
I take this opportunity to thank one and all. I have started my Accounts career as Free Lancer and right now working for one Manufacturing company
Posted By: Nagashree Mn
Sankalpa Siddhi in Bangalore recently was simply amazing. It was sheer divine intervention that I was present there with my Dad, who is an ardent devotee of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba for over 3 decades. He expressed that he has never experienced such an experiential journey in a workshop. Pranaams to Suresh Ji.
Posted By: Ashish Bhombore

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