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Sankalpa Siddhi – Eastern Law of Attraction – 1 Day Workshop

Sankalpa Siddhi

(Eastern Law of Attraction)

By Suresh Padmanabhan

Deepest Secrets of Energy, Vibrations and Higher Universal Powers

Original Workshop, Now First Time Exciting 2 Days Workshop.

Special Gift of a Mystical Poster for all Early-Birds participants

“Energy is Everything”

- Einstein (World Famous Scientist)

Every Element of your Life Revolves around Vibrations and Energy. Become one of the Lucky Few to understand the forgotten language of Energy and Vibrations.

Some of the benefits of participating in this workshop are:

·         Money stops many of us from pursuing our dreams and life purpose. Remove this huge stumbling block forever.

·         Attract and meet wonderful people who will offer their support unconditionally.

·         Master emotions like anger, fear, worry, resentment that hold you back

·         Maintain a state of harmony and peace within at all times

·         Manifest your specific desires or goals (like buying a luxurious car or home, getting a dream job, success in new ventures, attracting a loving partner, etc)      

·         Learn about time compression to facilitate manifesting your Goals at the earliest.

“If you want to find the Secrets of the Universe

Think in terms of Energy Frequency and Vibration”

- Nikola Tesla (The Greatest Scientist to Have Walked on Earth)

Sankalpa Siddhi Uniqueness

·         Sankalpa Siddhi is the highest power within every human being.  Activate it now

·         Sankalpa Siddhi is a proven path to create a life that you Deserve and Desire

·         Sankalpa Siddhi provides solutions to long lasting problems of life which you thought were impossible.

·         Sankalpa Siddhi gives practical insights to handle vital areas of your life like Relationships, Money, Career, and Wellness of Body and Mind.

·         Sankalpa Siddhi will give you the inner strength, power and solutions in case you are going through troubled times.

·         Sankalpa Siddhi reveals techniques from lost Indian Manuscripts that will give you Extraordinary Powers to create a life of Awesomeness.

Embark on an Unexpected Magical Journey

Generally one waits for long time, puts in huge efforts to see the Results. But this is all going to change very soon. No more waiting. Have Instant Results in the Here and Now. These are called as “Cash Experiences”. 

The best part is, once you learn and experience the technique, you can use it daily, in most situations and in a practical manner. This gives you absolute control of life in all ways. Suddenly you discover what you missed all these years. Your whole life has a new meaning. 

Sacred Space and Open Sharing

I have been conducting workshops for 20 years and I believe that participants should be provided with a sacred space for sharing or asking any of your vital questions. Q and A should be the heart of any workshop. You can very comfortably share your goals so that a clear action plan can be created on the spot with expert guidance. Remember that reading, watching and consuming information does not take you towards your goals, only Actions is the Key.

I believe in small cozy groups which are like a family where genuine transformations happen. The purpose is to walk out with a clear mind set and workable action plans.  I take full responsibility.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did. So Explore, Dream, Discover” 


~ Mark Twain



When you are ready and available, you connect with the most awesome secrets of the Universe. As the workshop progresses you will feel wonderment and blessed for your Participation

Do attend with your family to get Maximum Benefits for life. This is simply the biggest gift you can give to your Family. Ideally this workshop is suited for children as young as 10 years. 

Unlike other workshops, this workshop is very experiential and feeling driven. The contents & essences happen in your Personal Presence and hence cannot be transferred to anyone. 

For the lucky ones who will make it to the workshop. My Promise and Commitment- Your Life will never be same again.  


What some of our participants say:

Sankalpa Siddhi was a very different and interesting course. It really provided great insights into the process of achieving better focus, and reducing the impact of distractions. It has changed our way to approach life in a very positive way, both professionally and personally. Mr.Suresh Padmanabhan's way of presenting is excellent and participants very quickly become immersed in the sessions. I'd recommend this course to anyone; I found it fantastic.


-Raghavendra, Chartered accountant Bangalore


       The greatest gift I gave to my family is Sankalpa Siddhi.

-Vasi, Chennai


          I was introduced to Sankalpa Siddi workshop 3 years back. I still remember the beautiful and energetic essence of the workshop. I learnt lots of things from this workshop like laws of manifestation, giving and receiving, importance of clarity and awareness, etc. This workshop is different because here you don't learn from a lecture but you learn from an experience that is out of this world. A lot my desires have come true because of this workshop. If you want to prosper in all spheres of life then this workshop is a must.

-Amit Mahajan


            Sankalpa Siddhi in Bangalore recently was simply amazing. It was sheer divine intervention that I was present there with my Dad, who is an ardent devotee of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba for over 3 decades. He expressed that he has never experienced such an experiential journey in a workshop. Pranaams to Suresh Ji.

-Ashish Bhombore


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