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Sankalpa Siddhi Blog

The Power of Perfection

Observe around and you will see that even there is no small of big tasks. The local pan walla who is very good in making pan makes more money than many qualified people. There is a person who makes good eatables and


Law of Attraction happens in the Presence

The other day I had gone to a huge book exhibition. People were busy buying books left right and center. I am sure there is a sudden craze to reading across the globe.


Attract Money- Why Money Hates You ?

Mystical Symbols and Sacred Design or Geometry has been used since ages across the World. Aum, Indian Swastik with words of Shubh Labh, Seven Chakra Symbols, Shreem etc have been created by the Rishi’s and Masters with a deep sacred thought. Each Symbol creates a Vibration because of its very Design, Colour, and its interaction with the Five Elements.